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The Racially Divided Senate

200 Twitter Reports From Sharpton House of Justice On the State Senate IDC GOP Coalition 

NYS Senator John Sampson announced he will step down as Democratic Conference Leader when Democrats regain the majority
mayoral candidates at = &
"Republicans started the coup"--John Sampson.  * John Sampson said Dems got "no support" from the party. * Officials at rally include Bill de Blasio, Charlie Rangel, John Sampson, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Hakeem Jeffries and Karim Camara.* "Do not participate in a co-option."--Sharpton 

"I don't want to be sold out by blacks or whites"--Sharpton "We did not vote for your careers. We voted for an agenda."--Sharpton re: * MT : Hassell-Thompson goes there: Criticism of dysfunction under Dem rule amounts to "code words for 'black people in charge'"RT : Candidates to take over for Sampson: Mike Gianaris, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Kevin Parker, Andrea Stewart-Cousins. "Ask Gov Cuomo where he stands in back room deals putting us in the back if the bus again," said state senator bill Perkins. . has arrived at the rally * "Tell us what your legislative agenda is"--Sharpton re: Skelos.* Sen. Hassell-Thompson suggests that when cites New York's "New Democratic Party," it's code for a party led by whites.* . 

is here at . all 4 major dem candidates for mayor in the house. #2013*"I hope pl don't prostitute our party"--Rangel re: *. notes Malcolm Smith , & represent majority minority districts.  *  "I understand code words" said state senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson, referring to Cuomo's "new" Democratic Party signs when he was running* Standing ovation when Sharpton calls in pl to "denounce" for treatment of .*Spokesman for IDC has no comment re: John Sampson's conditional removal from Democratic leadership if Dems take the majority.   *"I used to believe I knew Malcolm Smith"-- . cc: * Republican-IDC Coalition Raises Concerns Over State Senate Diversity(NY1)
 * Sharpton says he'll have a rally in each district represented by Smith , Klein and Savino.* "The Post cartoon was the worst."-- re: * Savino's district is majority white

 "Not the only thing " has to apologize for this week-- re: & subway pusher front page.  * . says NYC residents will suffer under Senate coalition: "It is not done, and that is what we are here to say in a united voice"* John Liu talking now, praises Sampson for "heroism" in a difficult time, hits Post, others as "simply despicable."* Christine Quinn says Sampson deserves credit for "leap of faith" in bringing gay marriage to the Senate floor in '09. Where it died. * Quinn re : "This deal ain't done. It is not over."* "My god how could they do this?"-- re: cartoon about *

Thompson: "I want Eric Adams' voice to be raised on my behalf in Albany." Ditto Hassell-Thompson, Perkins.* Thompson re Sampson: "All of us know the toughest thing to do is to relinquish power and to put others before yourself." * Post-bashing is providing a handy alternative for speakers who might not want to sign on to Cuomo-bashing.* RT : From January 2012: "Thompson teams with IDC at cash bash" * DeBlasio: "For me, it was love at first sight. It may have taken Chirlane a little longer."* DeBlasio: "When you're given a mandate by the people, you must respect it."* "These things are related"-de Blasio re: cartoon & ny state senate leadership fight. * RT : DeBlasio to the Post: "Leave my wife alone. Leave my children alone."* DeBlasio: "For me, it was love at first sight. It may have taken Chirlane a little longer."* Do these pols not know about 's story, or are they OK with how he wrote it? 

"The last few days, the Rev sharpton has been more than Batman for us," Bill DeBlasio says. * Sanders re the biblical Samson: "He brought down a house that didn't deserve to stand."* Sharpton, quoting Sanders: "I am an independent, but I am not an ingrate and a defector." Is there a politician that Delonas has NOT shown in bed smoking a cigarette after sex?* Hazel Dukes: "I come from Nassau County. I know about Republicans." On Skelos: "You playin' with a snake."* Hazel Dukes: "We've been crucified, and we got up on the third day." Dukes re Malcolm Smith: "I have my can of discipline, and I spray it on roaches."

"We go get him."--Hazel Dukes, head of NAACP in NYS re: Malcolm Smith.* Dukes re Malcolm Smith: "We're going to get him. He's not going to do this to our family."* Dukes: "Once you're a snake, I don't know whether I can trust you anymore." That should help patch things up with the IDC.* Sharpton said he wasn't aware John Sampson was going to make his announcement.* RT : How could the IDC possibly reunite with the Senate Democrats after this rally? "When people were after him, he called me"--Hazel dukes re: Cuomo.* New York NAACP head Hazel Dukes questions whether is truly a Democrat.* Sharpton says rallies against IDC members might involve "house calls."
 Lawmakers, Leaders Rally Against Controversial State Senate Deal (NY1) * Mayoral Candidates Blast NY Post For Cartoon Mocking Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray(NYO) * Video: At fiery rally, Sampson says he’ll step aside * Sampson says he'll step aside if Dems regain majority (Lo Hud) * Rally Protests Coalition in New York State Senate(NYT) * Minority report(NYDN Ed) Racial rhetoric has no place in state Senate fight* The state Senate Democrats deserve  The breakaway faction owes voters better (by Eric Adams, NYDN)Long: "There's no point having the Republicans in leadership if left-leaning legislation .. isn’t going to be stopped" (NYDN) * Video: At fiery rally, Sampson says he'll step aside(TU) * After black leaders show anger over Senate debacle , how will Gianaris and ...(Knickerbocker Ledger) * Sen. David Valesky's IDC making power play, some Senate Democrats say( Liberals Slam Andrew Cuomo’s Deals With New York GOP (Daily Beast) The ambitious governor’s drawing heat for his role in giving Republicans a majority in Albany. Will this matter to Democrats with long memories in Iowa in 2016?* In a DN oped, calls for "true bipartisanship," w/equal committee seats, budgets & power to move bills  * A “Cuomo associate” called the Senate Democrats “crooks, plain and simple.” * Sharpton said the power struggle in the Senate is “not a Cuomo story.” * The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle sees the IDC-GOP alliance as “cause for concern.”* State Conservative Party Chairman Michael Long called on the Republicans to either reject Cuomo’s “litmus test” of liberal issues he wants the new Senate leadership team to push through or face widespread primaries in two years.* Gov. Andrew Cuomo rather be attacked for empowering State Senate Republicans than State Senate Democratic "crooks"(Daily Beast)

Ravi Batra Calls Sampson A Modern Day Churchill
"John Sampson outdoes Sir Winston Churchill, by winning the majority and stepping aside as the majority leader to earn his noble 'Sir.'  Sir Winston Churchill, after winning the Battle of England, was voted out as  Prime Minister by a tired nation. John Sampson after incredibly winning the "senate majority" for the Dems, despite hostile redistricting, a M-I-A Democratic party and some dishonest editorials (who focused on resulting dysfunction but not on the folks that caused it so as to stay overtime in power despite electoral judgment), has taken himself out as "majority leader"  - is an act of sheer nobility and earns him the title of "Sir." To an African-American, m"sir" means more than any boy can understand. While New Yorkers are busy with the pain of excessive unemployment and want afunctioning Albany, no matter 'who is on first,' to ease their daily burden, itsworthy to acknowledge a rare act of magnanimousness which belongs to a statesman\and not a mere politician. Sir John Sampson is that man and hardworking New Yorkers are in his debt for a brighter tomorrow and an Albany, as an honestfiduciary, that faithfully represents their concerns without self gain." Ravi Batra *
Sen. Saland essentially conceding: "apparent that we may not gain enough in the end to ultimately be successful."

Klein Throws Bone to Liberals Which NYP Calls Job Killer
A Job-Killing Coalition(NYP)  That didn’t take long: Just hours after news broke of the state Senate’s wacky new bipartisan governing plan, New Yorkers got a whiff of one of its top priorities: killing 22,000 jobs.But Klein did say that the new arrangement means the Senate is now certain to hike New York’s minimum wage. And that’s just as certain to kill the jobs.

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