Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tracking Lobbyists Who Supported online Journalism

 Lobbyists and the New Online News Blogs
The Capital News Blogs mix an advertising spin message from Airbnb today when the day after the AG forced the company to release info to expose apartment bundlers who turned NYC apartments into hotels 
Capital* A message from AIRBNB: DID YOU KNOW THAT BROOKLYN IS NOW A MAJOR TOURIST DESTINATION? Airbnb hosts welcomed 118,400 visitors to Brooklyn last year, generating $89 million in new economic activity for Brooklyn businesses and families. Airbnb guests are helping Brooklyn families afford their rent and supporting small businesses that help Brooklyn thrive* Airbnb Forced To Hand Over Anonymous User Records *The Morning Risk Report wonders if Airbnb hosts will balk at the NY attorney general combing through their records
City and State Did you know that Airbnb will generate $768 million in economic activity in New York City this year?  Each day, more and more New Yorkers are opening their doors to visitors from around the world. Their guests are supporting your favorite local businesses, like pizza parlors, bagel shops, and coffee stands. Come learn more about how Airbnb is helping your neighborhood: 
How City and State Pays the Bills
A new poll shows a majority of New York City residents say they should be allowed to rent out rooms in their homes through room-sharing websites like Airbnb, the Post writes:  * A group of two dozen New Yorkers who rent their apartments to tourists in order to “make ends meet” are suing Airbnb to block the internet hospitality website from giving their names and addresses to authorities, the Daily News reports:

The New Journalism Supported by Lobbyists
From Capital NY Morning Email Today Sponsored by 21st Century Consumers A Lobby Group Pushing Online Wine Shoping in NY
**A message from 21st Century Consumers: 70% of consumers prefer to shop online. Wine shouldn’t be an exception. That’s why 21st Century Consumers, urges the State Liquor Authority to approve pending applications for online wine sales. Visit and tell the state that you support online wine sales. **

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