Saturday, May 7, 2016

Albany Not Protecting Children Against Sex Abuse

Daily News Keeps Pounding GOP Senate for Not Protecting Sex Abuse Victims
WHAT A PIZZA SCUM! Top New York Senate Republican skips meeting with child sex abuse victims to grab some slices at afternoon party with basketball team (NYDN) * Sen. John DeFrancisco, one of the liars in Albany's den (NYDN)

Senate GOP Protection For Child Rape Predators 

Stop predator protection: The state Senate and Assemblymust come together now to fix outrageous statutes of limitations for child sexabuse (NYDN Ed)  *PERV PROTECTORS: NY GOP 'too busy' to fix child-rape law (NYDN) Assembly Democrats are refusing to allow Assemblywoman Margaret Markey to screen the movie “Spotlight” to boost her bill to help child sexual abuse victims; and raising the minimum wage could open up the Senate GOP to primary challenges, the Daily News’ * Sex abuse victims and child advocates turned up the heat on Cuomo, calling on him to support legislation that would extend the statute of limitations for criminal charges and civil suits lodged against accused abusers, the Daily News reports:

The roadblock to justice for countless sex abuse victims in New York is the continued handiwork of Senate Republicans more concerned about the rights of pervs than their accusers — or too busy to even consider reforms. Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan through his staff wouldn’t even discuss the matter this week despite repeated requests from the Daily News. “We aren’t going to discuss it until after the (state) budget is settled,” Flanagan spokesman Scott Reif said in an email. But several Senate GOPers told The News this week they have little appetite to change the law requiring child victims of sex abuse to seek legal recourse before their 23rd birthday.VICTIMS FACE 3-MONTH DEADLINE TO FILE LAWSUIT IN N.Y.Deputy Majority Leader John DeFrancisco, a retired Syracuse lawyer, said the current law strikes a fair balance.  “I believe that there’s a purpose for a statute of limitations,” DeFrancisco said. “The further back the case is, the more difficult it is for anybody to defend themselves. Witnesses are gone. That’s why a statute of limitation is there.” * SAVING THE SICKOS! New York’s GOP leaders say changing statute of limitations for child sex cases can wait, ignoring Dems’ proposal as vics’ cycle of injustice drags on (NYDN) *'NOW IT IS TIME TO ACT': New York AG Eric Schneiderman urges lawmakers to take action on child sex abuse laws, calling the delay 'unconscionable' (NYDN) * Only 1 NYC districtattorney supports fixing state law to help child abuse victims seek justice(NYDN) One of the city's district attorneys is in favor of extending the criminal statute of limitations on charges of sexual abuse of children — but the others refused to take a stand. Queens District Attorney Richard Brown’s support of overhauling the oft-maligned law barring criminal charges after the victim turns 23 years old comes as the state Senate considers a bill to do just that.

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