Sunday, November 20, 2016

de Blasio Runs Against Trump

I don't Care About Retailers Near Trump Tower Good for His Base Not the City's Tax Base

De Blasio doesn’t care how Trump Tower traffic affects retailers (NYP) Mayor de Blasio said Wednesday that he’s got bigger problems to worry about than how Tiffany and Gucci — world-famous retailers that lure tourists by the truckload and generate millions in taxes for the city — are coping with the security cordon around Trump Tower. “I will not tell you that Gucci and Tiffany are my central concerns in life,” the mayor told reporters. Tiffany, a Trump Tower neighbor, said it was forced to cancel its annual holiday-window unveiling event at its flagship store, although it remains open to shoppers who aren’t deterred by barricades that line Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th streets. Leslie Garrett, director of the Nohra Haime Gallery, directly across from the tower, said de Blasio’s comments are “pretty flippant. “I would expect better from our mayor,” she said.* Taming Trump-lock: De Blasio's dutyto relieve Midtown crush (NYDN Ed) * With Trump victory, @BilldeBlasio gets another shot at national relevance (Politico)

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